Can your nails reflect your overall health status?

We all know that illness and disability can strike the human body. Nonetheless, the excellence of nature is that there are different signs and side effects that say something has turned out badly or is turning out badly with your well-being, so one can address them as quickly as possible.

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Do You Get Nail Infections from Nail Polish?

Is your nail care routine just to paint, enjoy, remove, and repeat? The cycle should be stopped for a beat in that case. When you take off your nail polish, look to see if there are any white spots, yellow discoloration, thickening, disfiguration, or thickened nails.

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Do frequent urinary tract infections lead to bladder cancer?

Reports suggested that nearly 80% of UTIs occur in women where 40-50% of females experience a minimum of one UTI symptom and half of those people will get recurrent UTIs within a year.

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