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12 Warning Signs of Heart Disease That Appears on Skin

Monday, 27 November 2023 | 5:23 AM EST

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Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart issue. Though the term ‘heart disease’, the nation’s leading killer, can be concerning for any patient to hear from their doctor, the initial reaction to its diagnosis is a surprise. Did you know that your skin and nails determine the status of your cardiovascular health? Yes, you heard it right. It could be an alert that you should keep an eye on your overall cardiovascular health.

Keep reading this article that will help you navigate these warning signs so that you will know when to opt for the cardiovascular genomics test offered by Microgen Health. 

How can you predict that you have heart disease?

As mentioned already, you can find warning signs of heart disease on your skin and nails.

Is there something that you should do when you notice changes in your skin and nails?

Yes, of course! If you observe any of the above-listed warning signs, try to remain calm. As the next step, make sure to book an appointment to see your primary care physician. Few of the above-listed signs could be harmless; however, it’s mandatory to get them checked. 

It could be possible that you are genetically prone to develop heart disease. Although the heart ailment can develop on its own, or as the result of another chronic condition, getting the proper assistance can keep you as comfortable as possible, and protect your longevity too. 

So, get in touch with Microgen Health immediately and opt for a cardiovascular genomics test. Cardiovascular diseases are easier to treat only when detected early.


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