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Can your nails reflect your overall health status?

Tuesday, 6 June 2023 | 9:40 AM EST

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We all know that illness and disability can strike the human body. Nonetheless, the excellence of nature is that there are different signs and side effects that say something has turned out badly or is turning out badly with your well-being, so one can address them as quickly as possible. There are a variety of body parts that show signs of illness. The fingernail is one such part.

Your fingernails are really great for more than scratching the itch occasionally and unraveling a tight knot. They can likewise give clues to the status of your general well-being, through their shape, color, and texture.

It’s possible that your fingernail health may be indicative of a deeper problem with your overall health if your nail color, shape, or structure starts to look a little odd despite undergoing a manicure and pedicure regularly.

Here are the most well-known nail issues that possibly signal something more than shallow. Pay close attention to your nails and be on the lookout for the signs listed below.

List of Nail Signs and Related Health Issues

Final Thoughts

Here’s the bottom line. You can find out a lot about your overall health condition from the appearance of your nails. 

Usually, the appearance of your nails may be due to your routine life activities such as smoking or undergoing manicures or pedicures regularly. If that’s not the case, your nails can be indicating that something wrong is going on with your health condition.

It’s mandatory to check your nails at regular intervals so you don’t miss warning indications of ailments. Don’t ignore them, self-medicate, or try home remedies when you find them. Get in touch with a doctor right away. He or she will perform lab tests to make a precise diagnosis of your condition, and then they will put you on a treatment plan to feel better as quickly as possible.

With Microgen Health, periodic diagnosis is easy and affordable.

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