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Toxicology Screening – What Does It Mean & What To Expect?

Monday, 14 August 2023 | 5:00 AM EST

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As an employer, do you have a drug use policy that prohibits specific substances or a zero-tolerance policy for employee drug use? If so, the best way to ensure that you’re recruiting workers who will stick to this drug use policy is to perform extensive pre-employment toxicology testing. 

At Microgen Health, we can make toxicology screenings quick and simple, allowing you to push ahead with the recruiting system rapidly in no less than 48 hours instead of waiting weeks for toxicology results. Let us first under the significance of the toxicology test and how it is done.

What Is a Toxicology Test?

A toxicology test, also known as a drug test or a “tox screen,” looks for toxin traces in the given sample. You should get it tested due to a school or employment policy. In order to assist you in receiving treatment for substance abuse or maintaining your recovery on track, your doctor may also order a toxicology test.

How Does It Work?

You can’t tell if you have an addiction problem with a toxicology test. It also can’t tell when or how much of a drug you used. It can only tell if certain drugs are (or were) in your body recently.

Both legal and illegal drugs can be detected in the body long after they have been ingested, injected, or inhaled. After taking opiates, traces of them remain in your urine for a few days.

A toxicology test can screen for:

A sample of your blood or urine will be taken for toxicology screening. 

Make sure to inform your lab technician regarding drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and supplements you’ve taken in the past few days. There is a possibility that some of them can show up and cause a false-positive result. As mentioned already, you will get your test results within 48 hours.

Why Do I Need a Toxicology Test?

A toxicology test might be required for a variety of reasons. Your new position, school, or insurance contract could require it. Even sports programs expect players should have one.

Your doctor will order a toxicology screening if you:

  • Show signs of substance abuse 
  • Have mental health issues 
  • Have been consuming substances for a prolonged duration 
  • Are in drug addiction treatment 

A drug test can also be ordered for legal reasons, especially if you have been accused of a crime or are on parole.

What Do the Test Results Mean?

Positive: A trace of one or more toxins will be detected in the sample. This toxicology screening can also identify the type of toxin present.

Negative: It shows the absence of drugs in your system. The reason could be either your body has already processed the toxins to be tested for or you have never taken them before.

Fast, Reliable, Comprehensive, and Accurate Results When They Matter Most

If you are looking for a quick way to track the presence of toxins, our team at Microgen Health is your ideal partner. Call our skilled and experienced MicroGen Health team right now at +1 571-775-1973 for more information about our toxicology services. 

To help you do your job better, we offer cost-effective pricing, excellent customer service, and quick, dependable, and accurate results! 

Our team understands that you really need test results as quickly as possible – so we make sure to get them within 48 hours, instead of weeks and you can make decisions more quickly. The report we deliver is simple and detailed. To top it all off, our lab representatives are available to explain the comprehensive results and answer your queries.

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